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Universal Ribbon-Arch Appliance

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Tip, translate..

URA gives YOU the option to do exactly what you choose to do

  • Tip - if you want
  • Translate - if you desire
  • The possibilities are endless
  • You set the limits

Advantages of URA

  • Free and restricted tipping (M - D & L - L)
  • Controlled tipping and translation of teeth
  • Rapid differential movements with light forces
  • Self-limiting tooth movements
  • Better anchorage control intra-orally.
  • Precise finishing with rectangular archwires
  • Segmented Arch mechanics possible
  • Minimal patient co-operation

Mesial and Distal Tipping

Selective Tipping

Selective Mesio-Distal tying will prevent tipping. The tooth can now be only bodily displaced. This augments intra-oral anchorage. The anteriors may be tipped and uprighted against this posterior bodily anchorage and vice versa.

+ve Rotation Control

Rotations once achieved earlier on in treatment, by ligating the arch wire labial to the bracket in necessary, will be maintained throughout the duration of treatment.

Variable Inter-bracket Distance

Selective engagement in the mesial and/or distal slot of successive brackets will give variable interbracket span, significant in the aligning and finishing stages.

No Adverse Crown Movement

Ribbon arch slot and slective engagement of the arch wire will preclude any adverse crown movments in the aligning phase (unlike PEA bracket).

Variable Slot Vertically

Positive engagement in the slots vetically will ensure complete engagement with any gauge arch wire and therefore a positive vertical control which is significant in leveling.

Space Closure

Space closure mechanics can be selected according tot the anchorage requirements.

Uprighting Torquing

Uprighting and Torquing may be carried out with base rectangular arch or base round arch and auxilliaries.

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