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In 56 years of my life DR. BHUMA VASHI is the best dentist I have come across. All my life I have avoided dental treatment, as a result all my teeth were in bad shape. A friend persuaded me to take one last chance and visit DR. BHUMA VASHI.

The first visit DR. BHUMA VASHI inspired so much confidence, I decided to go ahead.

DR. BHUMA has excellent chair side manners, her hand is very light, her work is VERY neat and has lot of finesse. Truly an amazing doctor. Thank you so much DR. BHUMA VASHI.
~ K.T.
DR. BHUMA VASHI is precise in her diagnosis. She has magical fingers, so I guess it is God working through her. Feel blessed to have finally found the perfect care taker for my dental health. I would recommend her to everyone. She is warm, considerate and made me absolutely comfortable.

I have been suffering for a very long time and all my pervious experiences left me with trauma and fear to get any treatment done, and she understood my plight and provided compassionate care to me.

She works in a very systematic planned way.
~ K.M.
The whole experience of going through this treatment has been very good. The ambience of the place and the handling by the doctor really made me very comfortable. I was completely at ease. My master working through Dr. Bhuma Vashi was the feeling I had in my heart throughout. Thank you very much indeed for giving me a lovely set of teeth on my birthday. My thank you to all your staff who treated us with respect and care.
~ T.M.
When I came to Dr. Vashi's Braces point, I had severe pain in one of my root canal treated tooth. I had done my treatment somewhere else earlier. There was severe infection and tooth was not salvageable, which was removed surgically very nicely. There were more cavities which had to be filled up by beautiful cosmetic fillings. Now I am pain-free and very happy, that I chose Dr. Vashi's Braces point for my dental treatment. Dr. Bhuma is treating my children for braces and I am very happy with her work.
~ R.P.
I was suffering from severe toothache due to some cavities developed in some of my teeth. I was not able to eat sweets and cold drinks / water. I approached Dr. Nikhil & Dr. Bhuma Vashi at The Braces Point.

After examining thoroughly they treated me in their well-equipped dental clinic with expert support staff. My all pain disappeared and now I can eat any sweets as well as take cold things also.

I thank Dr. Nikhil & Dr. Bhuma Vashi for treating me nicely without any problems or side-effects.

~ A.P
I had come to Dr. Bhuma Vashi with an extremely nasty tooth ache which in the past had been so intense that half of my face used to get swollen but all it took, for Dr. Bhuma Vashi was a glance to detect the problem (pun intended) as it indeed was a root canal gone bad. And with Dr. Bhuma Vashi's expert hands, it only took a few sittings to relieve me of my pain and restore me to my former self. Because at the Braces Point it's more than just about the vanity of a beautiful smile, it's about the confidence that reflects through it.
~ S.M.
Recently, a couple of months ago I was pretty scared on the note of visiting a dentist, for the cure of my damaged teeths. I visited the Braces Point for my teeths and had no idea of how it was going to be. I had Dr. Bhuma Vashi as my dentist. A few starting days I was and tensed of how it would be and how much it would hurt me.

Whereas Dr. Bhuma Vashi changed my fear and nervousness into some positive thoughts. As days passed on I turned much more brave and willing to have my treatment. She treated my teeths such art and passion, and it is only because of her that my teeths are crystal clear and I'm not scared of taking a further step for its cure.

I am highly thankful to her and now, even guaranteed for a successful treatment ahead.
~ S.K.

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