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The work at THE BRACES POINT is done in an excellent way. All systems are in place. The ambience is superb and the cleanliness is perfect. Coming to DR. NIKHIL VASHI & DR. BHUMA VASHI is like coming home. I would recommend them to all. I am very happy for undergoing my Braces treatment here.
~ P.S.
I was undergoing treatment with braces at Ahmedabad. However due to my study related issues, I had to arrive at Mumbai with half treatment left. My doctor at Ahmedabad referred me to Dr. Nikhil with great assurance about the quality of treatment. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my treatment here. Thanks a lot to Dr. Nikhil & Dr. Bhuma Vashi for making me feel more confident. Also the staff at the clinic is very polite and helpful.
~ S.K.
I came here about 7 years ago to get braces because my teeth pointed outwards due to an accident when I was young. There were numerous complications in my treatment including a deformed tooth stuck above my palate what seemed to be a very complex procedure. Dr. Bhuma Vashi seamlessly explained to us, and proceeded to the treatment with utmost confidence. The best part was when I had to get one of my decayed tooth filled. The cleaning process was extremely painful but she made me comfortable with local anaesthesia. Dr. Vashi was very calm, almost motherly and say it will be over soon. I am extremely happy with my teeth and my smile has improved tremendously.
~ U.D.
The first time when I got to know that my teeth required braces treatment I was very paranoid. My teeth were not aligned and my jaw also needed some Alignment. Dr. Bhuma Vashi has done a fantastic job and I am extremely delighted to have gotten my braces treatment done by her. I am also very happy to see the difference in my smile, face and teeth which Dr. Bhuma Vashi brought only in a period of one and half year. The staff and the assistants are also very gentle and helping. In the end I am very happy to get my pretty smile at this amazing clinic ‘The Braces Point” of Dr.Vashi.
~ P.M.
I’ve known Dr. Bhuma Vashi for 10+ years. As a teenager with crooked teeth and very insecure of my smile.
I was always afraid of visiting the dentist. But Dr. Bhuma has always made me feel at ease throughout my treatments. Right from braces to now repairing my chipped tooth, she helped me regain my confidence to a large extent. I’m super happy with the entire experience. She is a thorough professional and someone I can trust blindly. Thank you can’t wait to show off my smile.
~ M.G.
I was a gangly teenager who first came to Dr. Bhuma Vashi for treatment, with an awkward set of teeth, not quite set right. As a school kid then, I was very conscious of the way my smile would be, I was scared to smile and laugh freely. When I first started treatment with Dr. Bhuma Vashi, it was a different experience altogether, taking pictures, deciding how treatment would progress.
It was a total transformation for me once my braces were removed. I was blessed with a beautiful set of teeth and the change was absolutely mind blowing. I have never smiled with my mouth closed. It has been an immense boost of confidence for me, and I’m very thankful for the right guidance at the right time; to give me a beautiful confident smile.
Now at age 25 when I revisit my doctor, I am delighted and feel the warmth and care and I am so happy to reconnect.
~ S. N.
A make over par excellence. With your patient care, I have the best set of teeth ever. Feel confident, and can now display my sparkling whites when I smile, and also smile & looks framed with competent lips, which was not so before this orthodontic treatment, by the best team in Mumbai, Dr. Nikhil Vashi, Dr (Mrs.) Bhuma Vashi, Dr. Pereira.
Without you guys, I would have not 'self developed' and looked 'so good' at this age.
Thanks a load- God Bless, all of you here at Vashi's Braces Point, the receptionists and attendants as well.
Best wishes always.
~ S.G. (50 years)
Before starting with the procedures my teeth were in a bad shape with my upper teeth proceeding outward leading to a lousy smile and an incorrect bite. Post the treatment I am happy to note that my teeth are now in perfect shape with an incredible smile. I would like to thank all the doctors esp. Dr. Vashi for their utmost attention of making this possible.
~ K.A. (27 years)
Since it was the second time I was going for an orthodontic treatment, I was a little skeptical about the results that I could expect. The whole treatment however was meticulously planned and executed by Dr. Vashi and needless to say I am extremely happy about the results. The support staff is very friendly and warm. Had a great experience being associated with the braces point. Thank you!
~ Dr. S.H. (23 years)
Being a dentist myself I understand what it is to be on the other side of the chair. Dr. Vashi and team handled my case extremely well. He is one of the finest orthodontist around. I won't hesitate to recommend anyone to 'Braces Point'. I am proud to be associated with Braces Point. My overall experience was brilliant. The ambiance of the clinic, hygiene etc is v good. The support staff is nice.
Not once did I experience any discomfort & was always attended on time. Hats off to the entire team. Keep it up!!
~ Dr. T.R. (28 years)
S (13 years) couldn't stop smiling for 2 days continuously. She was so happy. All her friends commented she looked beautiful. Many of my friends told me the difference pre & post is so vast and that she looked wonderful. The positive feedback made it all worthwhile. Thank you so much Dr. Bhuma Vashi for your patience and to your staff as well.
~ S.K.'s mom
My teeth have completely changed. A perfect, straight alignment has made my smile beautiful. I have found ö a new meö after treatment. And I love the settlement. Thanks a million doctor Bhuma Aunty.
~ D. P. (15 years)

Too happy with the outcome and friendly approach of yours we will never forget. Thank you so much Dr. Bhuma.
~ D.P.'s parent
When I came here my tooth was not in place, I used to feel ashamed even to smile. But within few months my tooth was right in place and I started smiling again. It was a magical and sweet experience for me. My doctor was very supportive and sweet throughout. Lots of love!!!
~ S.S. (19 years)
When I first came, my upper teeth were sticking out and I had many gaps between teeth. My gums were swollen. Now my teeth are in line, my swelling has gone down and gaps are nonexistent.
I have a perfect smile and it really doesn't look like I have had my teeth corrected. It looks natural. I am so happy to be treated at The Braces point.
~ D.U. (16 years)
Before my braces I couldn't close my mouth properly. My teeth were badly sticking out. When I had braces, I could see my teeth slowly going behind and adjusting myself, I felt happy. And now, when the braces are removed, I can say that I look beautiful now, all because of my improved smile. Even though I had to face some discomfort, and was expected to be taking care of my appliances, the results are awesome . After all no pain no gain.
~ T.P. (15 years)
I was having a horrible set of teeth. I was shy and would hate to smile. My first visit to this clinic changed everything.
I became more confident that I would be able to smile again without being shy. The treatment started. It was a bit painful but the fruit that I got in the end was sweetest. Now I love to flaunt my teeth!. All thanks to Dr. Vashi for bringing my smile back!!!
~ M.P. (15 years)