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We take care of your little angel's teeth with utmost care and personalised approach.The children need special attention and care while being treated. The fears in child's mind has to be addressed with care and treatment given to them cosidering all the factors.The treatment is PAINFREE and children comeback happily to our clinic for further treatment and followups.

The dental check up for children should start at the age of 2 years. Dr. Bhuma Vashi treats young children with patience and gentle approach, watches their growth and development and starts dental and braces treatment at appropriate time for them. She also counsels children (and young parents) with their diets for dental health, general health and well being.

It is very important that children learn proper brushing from a very young age. Dr. Bhuma takes personal interest to teach them good habits.

The teeth need to be protected from being decayed. Fluoride treatment is also available in our clinic.

It is very important to take care of the milk teeth.

If the milk teeth are decayed they should be restored in time. If we don’t preserve milk teeth, the chances of the permanent teeth getting crowded are very high.

We take great care for treating children after understanding their fears and psyche. It’s very important to treat young children with gentle caring approach. For uncooperative child, behavior management techniques are to be used.

Decayed teeth and filled teeth decidous

Space Maintainer

When milk teeth are very badly decayed and not salvageable, they may have to be extracted.

If milk teeth are removed, it is important to put a space maintainer to preserve space for the erupting permanent teeth.

If space maintainer is not put, then the erupting permanent teeth may get impacted, due to loss of space.