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A few words about us

As orthodontists, we straighten irregular teeth and jaws with different orthodontic appliances that include clear (tooth-coloured) and invisible braces.

We improve smiles by changing the positions of teeth with braces and by changing the shape, size and colour of teeth with aesthetic procedures like reshaping teeth, build-ups, veneers etc.

We also contribute to the specialty of Orthodontics by presenting innovations in treatment procedures to professional colleagues and P.G. students, from time to time.

Spreading awareness about dental and orthodontic problems and their treatments is our mission.

For children, we recommend check up of teeth by a dentist at the age of 3 years and by an orthodontist by 6 years to prevent and correct any dental or orthodontic problem. Early detection and correction of a problem can prevent further damage to the teeth, gums and the whole mouth and thus, would save a lot of time and money later.

After 25 years of exclusive orthodontic practise, now we provide total dental healthcare under the same roof. Now you can get treated for all your dental problems under one roof.

About us